The BMW Definition CE 04 is the latest major update to the company’s electric motorcycle plans, and all signs point to the scooter entering production soon.

But while we still don’t have a firm date or details regarding the futuristic-looking electric scooter’s production plans, we’re now getting our first look at what appears to be a production-spec version of the BMW Definition CE 04 electric scooter testing in public.

The scooter is entirely blacked out, yet there’s no mistaking it for anything other than BMW’s upcoming sci-fi-ish electric scooter.

First revealed as a concept in November 2020, the BMW Definition CE 04 was most notable for its striking appearance that updated the BMW C Evolution scooter’s somewhat-tired design.

Last month we saw new design filings for a production version of the scooter that nixed some of the crazier elements of the design in favor of more practical choices as well as on-road homologation.

The scooter spied testing below seems to follow those latest design filing updates, indicating it could likely be a production prototype of the BMW Definition CE 04.

We can see that the design has remained fairly true to the original concept, yet sports several of those critical updates required for production.

The shark-fin rear fender has been replaced with a more realistic scooter fender sporting a license plate holder. We can also that new lights and turn signals have been added. There’s also a new pair of mirrors.

Perhaps most critically, the giant 10.25″ screen seems to have made it onto the production model – saving one of the few components that originally stood a good chance of being downsized or nixed altogether.

There’s no word yet from BMW on pricing and we don’t have any tech specs or details to share. The currently-available BMW C Evolution offers highway-capable riding with a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph), and so it would make sense for the company to target similar performance on the Definition CE 04.

Now that we’ve seen that BMW’s futuristic electric scooter appears to be readying for production, we have to wonder if the company’s futuristic electric motorcycle concept will be next in line.

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