The civil unrest currently gripping the nation is very serious, and it revolves around an equally serious topic. Amidst the ongoing riots, physical violence, and mass damages to properties, the last thing anyone needs today are statements encouraging even more violence. This is made worse if these statements are targeted towards a very specific target.

Unfortunately, such is the case with Tesla critics. As news continues to be shared online about the successful launch of SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission and the riots happening across the United States, TSLAQ members maintained their usual flow of vitriol against the electric car maker and its CEO, Elon Musk. But recently, a member of the avid anti-Tesla/Musk group, @ValueDissenter, opted to advocate for something that could add some more drama to the current civil unrest.

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The proud TSLAQ member suggested that rioters should target and destroy Tesla Superchargers. In a tweet, the TSLAQ member that if he were in a riot, Superchargers would be his first target, since the charging areas were just “parking spaces for rich people.” “If I were a rioter, I would ABSOLUTELY go for the superchargers. F*ck Superchargers. They’re just parking spaces for rich people,” the Tesla critic wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, the TSLAQ member stated that he’ll be “the guy that incites the riot by trying to push the Supercharger over, maybe some spray paint, kick it a few times, and then bow out early and let someone else actually electrocute themselves destroying it.” The Tesla critic later noted in a reply that his tweets were a joke, but there is no denying that such calls to action, especially at these times, are in poor taste.

(Credit: Twitter)

This is especially true when one considers the fact that the initial tweet encouraging Supercharger destruction and vandalism was retweeted by @TESLAcharts, one of the most prominent and respected members of the TSLAQ community. This showed, at least in some form, that such ill-timed “jokes” enjoy support from the leaders of the anti-Tesla/Elon Musk movement.

There is absolutely nothing amusing about the civil unrest that is ongoing today. With sections of several cities burning and more and more people being injured due to the riots, today is a time to be as helpful as possible. And sometimes, one of the best ways to help out is to just keep one’s mouth shut. This is especially true considering that Superchargers are incredibly important for Tesla owners, as they provide a quick way to recharge vehicles.

Tesla critics ‘jokingly’ rally to destroy Superchargers amid civil unrest

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