If you ask Tesla, there’s absolutely no reason for a Model 3 owner to be “envious” of the BMW 3-Series, seen as how the former has a fully electric car which has been described by some as being almost as fun to drive as an M3, thanks to its low center of weight.

Then again if you’re just fond of messing around with the looks of your car in order to get a laugh and plenty of stares and weird reactions on the road, well, that would at least explain what we’re looking at here.

Judging by its license plate and from what we read online, this car is registered in Iceland, and based on the Twitter comments, it’s real and not Photoshopped. However, due to the low quality of the image, we can’t tell if they fixed an actual grille or (more likely) just used stickers.

Someone with the Twitter handle Nafnlaus posted the image online earlier this week, stating that “lots of people in our local Tesla group have seen it in person.”

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So where to start? The Tesla Model 3 has a minimalist design language that makes for a decent visual, especially if you like simple and futuristic-looking things.

While we can think of a few ways to make it look better, what doesn’t work is adding any sort of new line or shape to such a design, which is why a grille-like add-on or stickers makes for such a negative here. It’s a completely pointless exercise, especially when you factor in the notion that electric vehicles have no need for a traditional front grille, real or fake.

Oh, and messing with the rear end doesn’t make the car look any better either, especially if you’re trying to turn it into a really weird Audi RS3.