A Kia dealer in Connecticut has a one-of-a-kind concept car listed for sale among the Sorentos and Optimas on its website.

Napoli Kia is asking $750,000 (after a $3,950 discount) for the first-ever Pontiac Banshee coupe, a two-seater that was designed by John DeLorean in 1964 as an answer to the Ford Mustang but never made it into production.

General Motors killed the project, which was known as XP-833, over concerns that the car would cannibalize sales of the Chevrolet Corvette. But it incorporated the car’s pointed front end on the Corvette C3 and its rear-end design on the first-generation Firebird, according to The Drive.

The car, which has a silver fiberglass body, red interior and straight-six engine, is one of just two first-generation Banshee prototypes GM built.

A GM employee reportedly persuaded the automaker to sell him the car instead of scrapping it. The listing says its 1,498 miles were accumulated only by going to and from car shows.

It last sold at the 2015 Dragone Auction in Connecticut to Len Napoli, the owner of Napoli Kia and a Pontiac collector.

“This rare car is all original just the way the prototype was developed,” the listing reads. “This museum piece has been in all history books of GM since 1964.”