Speeding on public roads is never a good idea but it can become particularly dangerous if you try to weave in between traffic at high speed. Just ask this driver in St Petersburg, Russia.

The following incident occurred on April 22 and was filmed from the dashcam of a vehicle that witnessed the crash. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured but things could have been much, much worse.

At approximately the 18 second mark in the video below, what looks to be a white VW Passat speeds past the cammer. Eager to get through traffic, the Passat tries to squeeze between two large trucks but appears to misjudge just how fast they were driving and can be seen aggressively swerving from behind one of the semis to avoid rear-ending it.

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This sends the car into a slide where it appears to slam into the side of the truck it nearly rear-ended. The impact was forceful enough to send the truck spearing into the crash barrier on the side of the highway, kicking up a plume of dust in the process.

Shortly after the truck makes contact with the crash barrier, the VW comes back into view having suffered extensive damage to the sides, making it completely unrecognizable. This is what makes it so surprising that the driver didn’t suffer any serious injuries as the momentum of the out-of-control truck could have easily crushed the car and its occupants.