The battle for supremacy in the full-size luxury SUV segment has only just begun as BMW and Mercedes lock horns with their new X7 and GLS respectively.

The two premium German SUVs are direct rivals, and picking one of the two will most likely come down to the details, as we see in the latest review from The Straight Pipes.

Although the two models in the video are not directly matched, as the BMW X7 here is the V8-powered M50i and the Mercedes GLS is the lower-tier 450 variant, still, we get to find out some of the differences between them.

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As expected, the X7 is the sportier out of the two with the Sport driving mode engaged, but the Bavarians have done a mighty good job at making their first full-size SUV a really plush one as well when in Comfort.

The Mercedes GLS offers a serene driving experience, featuring a lighter steering wheel and doesn’t even attempt to have any “sporty” pretensions, so in terms of handling the BMW wins this comparison.

Then you get into the interiors, with both models offering two of the most impressive cabins you’ll find in terms of technology and material quality, not to mention their ability to fit up to seven passengers. The BMW actually offers more room on every row than the Mercedes, though seat operation and entry-exit to/from the third row is much easier on the Merc.

So, which one of the two full-size SUVs is the best way to spend your hard-earned money?