Trevor Bauer can consider himself a lucky man. At 28, he has a very successful and lucrative career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball.

He has amassed a $30 million fortune during nine seasons of playing baseball at the highest level for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds. A 28-year-old guy who makes millions a year must have some expensive hobbies and so does Bauer, who is into luxury cars.

His collection includes a 2016 McLaren 650S for which he paid a $300,000. Sadly, it no longer is in tip-top shape, though – quite the opposite, in fact.

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His pride and joy was totaled on Tuesday while stationed at a dealership in Houston, Texas. In what can only be described as a freak accident, a tire on a semi truck driving on a neighboring highway came loose, flew across six lanes of traffic and smashed into the showroom, landing right on top of Bauer’s McLaren!

It was a miracle the runaway tire didn’t hit anyone, but the British supercar was not that lucky. According to TMZ, the car is a write-off but fortunately it’s insured, so Bauer won’t take a hit. Looking at the photo, one can see the big wheel resting on the supercar’s engine compartment but the damage does not appear to be that dramatic from this angle. It doesn’t look like something that cannot be repaired, but the insurance company clearly knows more about this than we do.

Unsurprisingly, Bauer was able to joke about the whole thing in a tweet. You would have probably joked too if you were to make a cool $18 million during the next season of whatever it is that you’re doing.

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