A dashcam caught the moment the driver of a black Hyundai i30 brake-checked a large bus and tried to blame the crash on the bus driver.

This clip was recently posted to YouTube by police in Hungary and shows a black Hyundai aggressively swerving in front of a bus traveling in the right lane of a road. As soon as the i30 weaves in front, the driver hits the brakes, grinding to an almost complete stop before the bus slams into the rear of the Korean hatchback.

While the driver of the Hyundai is clearly to blame for the crash, he appears to get very angry at the bus driver, continually pointing towards the driver and gesticulating that he should have left some room behind his vehicle.

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Local publication HVG claims the incident occurred in the early afternoon of May 11 and that police arrived on the scene to investigate the matter.

The Hyundai motorist reportedly told authorities that he suddenly hit the brakes to avoid a dog running across the road. Evidently, the man was unaware that the bus had a dashcam that filmed the entire crash and unsurprisingly, it reveals that no such animal ran across the road.

Police clearly were not happy with the man’s poor excuse and allegedly revoked his license for causing the accident and placing the bus driver and the passengers in danger.