25-year old Chadwick Quinones of New Jersey and his father, 44-year-old Fred Ordine, were arrested by Port Authority police after the pair posted this drag racing video on Instagram.

The clip shows them racing their Corvettes through the Lincoln tunnel, to the point where the yellow Vette makes contact with the grey one, causing the latter to lose control, hit another vehicle and spin multiple times before coming to a halt.

While the incident took place on February 9, inside the tunnel’s North Tube, it took 9 months to charge the duo with first-degree reckless endangerment, engaging in an illegal speed contest and reckless driving, as per NJ.

“We are committed to track down people who commit this type of reckless behavior and prosecuting them. In doing so, we hope to deter others from doing the same,” stated Port Authority police chief detective, Matthew Wilson.

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Quinones initially fled the scene, but reportedly returned 90 minutes later and admitted his involvement. He was then charged with leaving the scene, failure to exhibit registration and careless driving, according to Port Authority police spokeswoman Lenis Rodrigues. Unfortunately for him, authorities reopened the investigation when they found the dashcam footage on Instagram.

By the time the 25-year old took the video down after being approached by detectives, the footage had already been reposted by other accounts. Him and his father were arrested earlier this week on Tuesday on new charges in New York state.

Thankfully, nobody was injured during the February 9 incident.

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