The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the finest supercars ever produced and Doug DeMuro recently had the opportunity to check out one in person and discover all its quirks and features.

There are heaps of cool things about the Carrera GT that some may not know about. For example, it has a removable roof.

This will not be news to anyone familiar with the Carrera GT but it’s not something you see all that often with coupes like this. Much like the Corvette, the removable roof panels of the Porsche are designed to be stowed away in the front trunk area and to make the supercar look as neat as possible when the roof is removed, there is a small plastic slider that covers up the exposed latch area just behind the headrests.

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Then there are the centerlock wheels. The centerlocks of the Carrera GT are painted blue on the passenger side and red for the driver’s side. In addition, the centerlocks are cross-threaded, meaning you actually turn them to the right to undo them, rather than to the left like normal lug nuts (and almost any screw or bolt for that matter).

Interesting aspects of the car continue in the cabin. For example, the supercar comes equipped with a custom brown leather luggage set with one of the bags neatly locking in to a hidden section beneath the center console. But we digress – check out the video to learn all there is to know about Porsche’s last “analogue” supercar.