It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the relationship between motorists and cyclists can at times be very strained, leading to the occasional conflict between them. This is one of those cases.

This particular video appears to have been filmed in the U.S., although we’re not exactly sure where. Regardless of the location, it starts off by showing the cammer pulling alongside a trio of cyclists to overtake them.

However, rather than simply overtaking the cyclists and getting on with their day, the driver says he switched his hazard lights on and started talking to one of the riders. He claims that happened at the 10-second mark, which is why he briefly swerves to the right and that he wasn’t in any way trying to run the cyclists off the road.

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Unfortunately, the dashcam didn’t record any audio, so we don’t know what words were exchanged, but after a few seconds, the driver accelerates away before pulling over a few hundred feet down the road. Before long, the angry cyclists ride past gesticulating towards the driver, with at least one appearing to give him the finger.

The three cyclists swerve around the road as they pass the motorist, with one visibly upset biker turning his head and looking back. At the same time this cyclist has his eyes off the road, one of his buddies swerves to the left. The two cyclists then collide and, inevitably, hit the tarmac.

While the crash itself is clearly the fault of the cyclists, the whole incident would, in all likelihood, have been avoided if there had been no road rage between them and the motorist.