Over the past weekend, police in Atlanta has charged 44 people with illegal street racing and reckless driving, WSB-TV reports.

Atlanta police were joined by the Georgia State Patrol, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections in an operation that saw 114 citations issued as well as 29 vehicles impounded.

“We know they’re bored, the streets are less crowded and so you have a kind of perfect storm for this nonsense,” Atlanta police spokesperson Carlos Campos said.

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Channel 2 Action News reports there has been a spate of street racing events across Atlanta in recent months that are becoming a growing concern for locals and authorities.

“The danger this poses to motorists and pedestrians alike is extraordinary. Spectators are the ones who are going to get hurt,” Campos pointed out. “The social media aspect to it. The thrill of putting these absurd videos on social media, and try to get as many likes or views as possible.”

Of the 44 people charged, 40 were arrested and taken to jail while four were released. Among the charges included speeding, ‘laying drag,’ drinking in public, reckless driving, aggressive driving, racing on highway and possession of marijuana.

News footage from the scene shows that a ride array of cars and motorcycles were in attendance. Many were muscle cars, including a blue Ford Mustang, a yellow Dodge Challenger, and a black Dodge Charger that were impounded.