Security camera footage has captured the driver of a VW Passat in Switzerland putting on what is perhaps the worst display of motoring skills we’ve seen (OK, not ‘ever’ but certainly recently).

The clip shows the driver of the silver Passat quickly entering a parking facility. Right off the bat, the driver misjudges the entry to the parking lot, hitting a curb at speed and then bouncing across to the other side of the entry and slamming the passenger side of the vehicle into the wall.

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Rather than braking, the driver then appears to accelerate and bounces back to the other side of the parking lot entry and this time takes out the ticket machine. The car then bounces back to the right and for a brief moment, is suspended up on two wheels while wedged in the entry. Not willing to accept defeat, the Passat owner slots the car into reverse to try and straighten up. It doesn’t go well as the car hits the boom gate and then accelerates forward, hitting the side of the entry yet again.

Eventually, the driver is able to drive through but some serious damage has been sustained to the Passat.

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It is unclear just how the driver had so much difficulty entering the parking garage. We suspect that at some stage they got the accelerator and brake pedals confused. However, that doesn’t explain why the driver continued to smash into the concrete wall and the curbs. It’s entirely possible they were under the influence of something but that’s purely speculation on our part.