If you love coffee, adore classics Porsches, and have €10,200 ($11,053) to splurge, this magnificent espresso machine could be absolutely perfect for you.

The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition comes from a company by the name of Super Veloce and has been designed to evoke design cues from the air-cooled flat-six engine used by the 993-generation Porsche 911. Spending as much as a car on a coffee machine is absurd but fortunately, the machine does include some rather exotic materials in its construction, including carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum alloy, and surgical grade stainless steel.

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Super Veloce is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa and has reportedly sold different versions of its 993-inspired espresso machine around the world.

Looking more like a piece of art than something you would place on your kitchen bench, the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition features black anodized cylinder heads and we’re sure makes a delicious espresso. Curiously, some of the photos show a small pixelated Porsche emblem on the machine, likely to make sure lawyers from the German automaker don’t come knocking on their door.

Espresso machines don’t need to be big but this one is. It’s also very heavy. Official specs list it as weighing a cool 47 lbs (21.5 kg) while measuring 14.96 inches (380 mm) long, 16.54 inches (420 mm) wide, and 13.39 inches (340 mm) tall. It’s not quite as large as a real Porsche 993 engine but it certainly makes a statement.

Super Veloce intends on producing (appropriately) just 993 examples of the machine.

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