Police in Greenfield, Wisconsin were involved in a scary pursuit yesterday morning that could have easily turned deadly.

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, an officer spotted a Dodge Durango that matched the description of a stolen vehicle reported by the Oak Creek Police Department.

After following the vehicle for a bit, the officer activated his lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the Durango over. The driver ignored this and blew through a stop light in an effort to get away.

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The officer pursued the fleeing Durango which eventually turned down residential streets, before returning to main roads where it drove in lanes meant for oncoming traffic. Later, the officer attempted to perform a PIT maneuver but came up short.

A short time later, the Durango turned onto a residential street and the officer used the opportunity to slam into its rear end. This caused the crossover to spin 90° and nearly flip over.

Despite this, the driver doesn’t give up. He throws the Durango into reverse and slams into a Kia Soul while trying to turn around. Another officer uses their vehicle to block the Durango’s escape, but that doesn’t stop the driver from slamming into the cruiser and attempting to push it out of the way.

The driver continues trying to escape even though the first officer has his gun pointed just feet from his head. He’s eventually enable the free the model, but quickly reverses into a minivan. The second officer uses this opportunity to box the Durango in once and for all.

The driver continues trying to escape, until an officer opens the front passenger door. The man then surrenders and is thrown to the ground.

While three passengers managed to escape from the Durango, no officers were injured. The driver was taken into custody and is facing a long list of charges as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports police cited the man for seven traffic violations and are also requesting charges for fleeing an officer and recklessly endangering safety.

Note: Video Contains NSFW Language


***WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE***On Tuesday, 05/05/20, at 12:44AM in the 4700 block of South 27th Street, a Greenfield Police Officer observed a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle reported stolen through the Oak Creek Police Department. Theofficer attempted to stop the vehicle and the suspect vehicle fled northbound on South 27th Street. A PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver was successfully performed at South 11th Street and WestOklahoma Avenue. Three passengers fled on foot from the vehicle. The driver continued his reckless behavior, attempting to flee in the stolen vehicle by ramming an occupied, fully marked Greenfield patrolsquad. Fortunately the officer was not injured and continued to attempt to stop the suspect’s dangerous actions. After several attempts the vehicle was disabled and the driver was taken into custody. This case will be reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office at a later date.For more information, please contact Captain Scott Zienkiewicz at (414)761‐5344 regarding case #20‐9401.

Posted by Greenfield Police Department on Tuesday, May 5, 2020