For a lot of people, a nice, long drive probably sounds pretty good right about now.

But most citizens of the U.S. and many other countries are under strict orders to stay home as much as possible to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, so Audi’s Australian marketing agency made an unusual video to help fight cabin fever.

The video is simply four hours of driving an A6 sedan through Australia’s Central Tablelands. It has background music but no narration or overt advertising, aside from the Audi logo in the bottom right corner. There are even red lights and occasional rain.

And, yes, it’s actually four hours long. The video periodically switches viewpoints among cameras positioned behind the driver, pointing out a side window, outside the passenger-side door and from high above.

“During this difficult time for many of us, Audi wanted to create an innovative way of bringing the iconic Australian road trip to people in their homes,” Nikki Warburton, chief marketing officer at Audi Australia, said in a statement.

“ ’The Drive’ is a digital concept that allows customers to experience the pleasure of the open road from the confines of their home, and to hopefully offer Australians some tranquility and mental well-being during these uncertain and unsettling times.”