Ferdinand Piech, part engineer and part entrepreneur, guided Volkswagen for decades. He died in August at age 82.

Lee Iacocca, the celebrity CEO who made his mark at Ford and Chrysler, died in July at age 94.

UAW President Gary Jones, in the left photo as talks opened in July, resigned in November. With Jones, right, is regional director Vance Pearson, who also resigned after being charged in September. A federal probe accuses UAW leaders of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on leisurely vacations, among other things.

At the Automotive News All-Star Awards in December, CEOs Mike Manley of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Carlos Tavares of PSA Group made their first appearance together since they announced plans to merge the automakers. With them are Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein, left, and Group Publisher KC Crain, right.

Carlos Ghosn, with his wife, Carole, has vowed to fight allegations of financial crimes. The former Nissan chairman awaits trial on multiple counts of impropriety in Japan. Ghosn’s personal life has been turned upside down, with restrictions placed on his movements and access to his wife and family.

Cheryl Miller, formerly CFO for AutoNation, took over as the company’s CEO in July.

Rory Gamble was named UAW president in December to serve the rest of former President Gary Jones’ term through 2022.

At Automotive News’ Leading Women event, General Motors CFO Dhivya Suryadevara spoke about GM’s culture.

RJ Scaringe, CEO of Rivian, announced in September that the company will offer subscriptions for EV trucks. “As we think about how you consume miles, 96 percent of the miles in the United States are consumed through ownership. But we see that changing.”